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Jun. 15th, 2011

is it me or did I get stupid and not realize how to see more entries on my friends page. its like the previous 10(or whatever) link disappeared


Grades came out...kinda excited :D

Computing 1 (Initial Computer Science BS course): A
3D Mathematics & Basic Linear Algebra: B
Western Civ: A

Fundamentals of Second Language Acquisition: A
Teaching Practicum: still waiting and grades were due yesterday >.>


Sorry to keep you guys on your seats after disappearing for awhile! Things have become so busy within the last few weeks; school and work have taken up most of my time.
Lol fun. So my bf's gotten me to the point to where I refuse to acknowledge him anymore as my bf.
In Kentucky right now. Driving to Oklahoma City in a few hours.

Jun. 30th, 2010

25 days till I move to Indianapolis.
This is fun :):):)

My current sets of medicine have caused my bilirubin levels to drastically rise. Now I'm developing jaundice.

Ended up at urgent care today cuz of some GI problems and then found that out.

Off the meds for a few days to see if things even out and then go from there.
Well I have my first session with a counselor on the 23rd. Let's see how this assessment goes.
Am I wrong to think that "on call" doesn't entail having scheduled hours?

When I signed up for the second job, the director and I both agreed that I would be contacted whenever help was needed and just work those days. I also clearly stated that I already have a job with varying hours every week; that I lack a base availability.

So come Friday night, the schedule for this week was emailed out and I'm scheduled for two days. One day overlaps with my first job at Starbucks.

I'm just kinda bitchy that I'm getting blamed for now having an overlapping schedule between starbucks and catering/bartending this coming Friday and no one is willing to work the bartending shift. I don't see how its my responsibility to fix this problem.

I've only worked 1 day now for the catering department and it's seeming like its going to be more hassle than what its worth to work for just another two months.

May. 27th, 2010

20 credit hours next semester (6 grad level, 14 undergrad level)

Let's see how quick till I commit suicide ;)



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